Billing / Costs

At Fellion Auto Restorations LLC we believe in honesty. This is evident in our billing policies, workmanship and our desire to listen, recommend options and implement/carryout your decisions. Its our policy to establish a good rapport with the customer. Without a good line of communication, a project is destined for failure. Neither the Customer nor Fellion Auto Restorations wants this type of an outcome.

At regular intervals we provide documentation on your project including;

The reports generated will inform us should any one aspect of the project fall behind. We also factor in a time line. It's written in pencil not stone and is used to guide events for all phases of the restoration to come together at the right time for a successful conclusion.

Fellion's personnel policy is to work in an organized and efficient manor. Our approach to each task is well thought out as to the best method, materials and tools to be used. Each technician's goal is to give our customers the ultimate labor hour for every one charged. As you surf our Website you will see how an auto restoration specialty shop should be run and how the combination of the right people with the right system demonstrates the words organized and efficient. We hope this Website will answer any questions you may have and will help you to choose  Fellion Auto Restorations to build your dream ride.

When searching for a reputable Automobile Restoration or Street Rod facility, you will find that services are charged by the Time and Materials as do we. The condition of the project you start with and your own personal desires will determine the amount of time/cost. We are here to build your dream ride  YOUR WAY.

Restoration Cost Estimation:

1. Because of the variables involved in the restoration or custom building of a project, exact time estimation could not be accurate.  Examples of such variables:

Based on the above variables, a customer can see how inaccurate it would for an exact estimate of labor, materials and parts cost.   In general all restoration projects have a finite amount of funds allocated for the restoration. To plan a well thought out restoration that will achieve the most customer fulfillment and satisfaction, one has to have some idea of costs. By breaking the restoration down into the below categories and with your input a very rough price range can be determined. This price range is usually a spread of several thousand dollars. It has been our experience that the restoration process is never an exact process and in fact is ever evolving as new ideas come up, unknown conditions found and a change in projected outcome desired.

The seven categories allow us to micro manage more efficiently every aspect of the job at hand. These categories are:

As mentioned above, All work is performed and billed on a time and material basis. This is necessary due to the potential hidden and unknown problems inherent to all automobiles. Because of the unknown, we do not give quotes or exact estimates and prefer to give cost projections. As the major unknown factors are discovered, the cost projection or estimate will be updated with supplements where apical.

Accounting & Payment Policy

Our billing policy has built in checks and balances to protect both the customer and Fellion Auto Restorations. All work is performed and billed on a time and material basis. Labor time is tracked on time cards. We require a payment in advance to start your account. This account in essence is the same as a bank checking account. Labor, parts and materials are drawn off the first and subsequent deposit(s) amount. When your account balance nears zero a deposit will be required for future labor, parts and materials. Maintaining a positive account balance is vital to insure uninterrupted progress with minimal delays on your vehicle. This process continues until the restoration is complete. Copies of invoices (showing incurred expenses) will be sent to you. A statement of account balance will be sent as well. The dollar amount to get started varies depending on the project. The average minimum down payment is $2500 - 3500. Lesser amounts would require Fellion's approval. If your account balance is below zero or negative more than thirty days from invoice and/or statement date, Fellion Auto Restorations llc may at our discretion charge a storage fee of $7/day until the account is paid in full. The same rules apply if the account balance (if zero) is not replenished for future labor, parts and material within thirty days, we may at our discretion charge a storage fee of $7/day until the account balance is replenished or vehicle is removed from our premise. In addition to the storage fee the vehicle may be rescheduled to a position in our schedule of our choosing. These fees are meant to maintain scheduling and job flow efficiency for all our customers and to avoid becoming a free parking lot.

Please re-read the above paragraph and call or email us if you have any questions. It is important that one understands the billing policy in order to maintain a restoration without timely stops and starts. Our policy of a small amount required in advance expresses our confidence and desire to work together to make your dream machine a reality.

In order to give you a more accurate price range, we need to talk to you about the current condition of the sheet metal, chrome, interior, drivetrain and what is your desired level of restoration.

Have any questions, please call 1-262-534-6166 or email