Automotive Rotisserie Restoration

rotissire lifting body off

Lifting the body up and rolling the original frame out. Note the reinforced door and interior body bracing. The rotisserie was fabricated in house utilizing an car hauler chassis which provides greater lifting and maneuvering ability. Lateral stress forces are maintained and absorbed into the rotisserie and not the automobile's body.

mediablasting body underside

We do our mediablasting in-house where we can immediately repair any found rust through prior to prime and paint.


A closer view.

Oldsmobile underside mediablasted & painted

This 1970 Buick Skylark was mediablasted, epoxy primed and then painted to duplicate factory gloss.

Impala floor

Impala coated in factory matching red oxide primer


impala trunk floor

Impala trunk floor after repairs of numerous small dents

impala red oxide primer dash

The Impala interior floor was mediablasted, epoxy primed and then red oxide primer that matched factory color.

impala primed and undercoated underside

Great care was taken to duplicate the original factory appearance on the underbody  panels.

impala red oxide primer

media blasted frame

Mediablasted frame awaiting metal chemical conditioner

mediablasted frame

painted frame

automobile painted frame

Frame was mediablasted, metal conditioned, epoxy primed and urethane painted for longevity.

GTO underside

The above and below photos are of a GTO underside. The quality was the same as one would see on the topside outer panels.

Gto painted underside