1969 Dodge Charger RT Restoration

1969 dodge charger restoration

1969 dodge charger

charger restoration

1969 charger rt

dodge charger

The 1969 Charger still used the same body as the previous year but the received a divided grille and new taillights. The base Chargers had the 225-cid slant-six and the 318-cid V-8 as standard engines. The Charger R/T had the 440-cid V-8 as it's standard engine. You could get a Charger SE which was a mix of sport and luxury that had all of the standard Charger features plus leather and vinyl bucket seats, simulated woodgrain steering wheel, deep-dish wheel covers, hood-mounted turn signal indicators, simulated woodgrain instrument panel, and the light group option. The Charger 500 was based on the standard Charger but differed in the flush-mounted grille, fixed headlights, and a flush-mounted rear window glass for lower wind resistance. Source: oldride.com